Castellterçol & Poland connection by e-Twinning platform


e-Twinning offers a platform for teachers working in a school in European countries to communicate, collaborate, develop projects, share and, in short, feel and be part of the most exciting learning community in Europe.

Our e-twinning project:

So you want to be a writer…let’s tell a funny story so far

The Students, from Castellterçol (3rd ESO class) and Walcz (14/15 years pupils in Poland) are to write a story together, all pupils will enjoy the freedom to write about the topics of their choice and provides them greater opportunities to emerge as creative authors. Students will be encouraged to produce an e-book of original prose in which they can take pride.

Methodology: first one group of students will start writing a paragraph and send their piece to the students from the other country. This will be repeated until the story is written. At the end, two endings will be written separately and presented in a form chosen by the students ( a video, a comic, a play…). Then audience will choose the best ending of the story.

Creative writing

During the project, all pupils from both countries, will know each other through sharing media activities, such as: chatting on line, video, card sending, and more, using always English language as a lingua franca.

We will show you, through this blog, the activities that we will carry out during the project.

Alba and Rosa, English teachers


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