GEP 5è: Business environment Session 3

Last Wednesday 26th February pupils from 5th grade have continued GEP!

In this third session they:

  • Complete a mind map with the main information about the last session to summarize the contents.
  • Watch a video about the tertiary sector and its five activities: tourism, communications, services, trade and commerce. After watching, we comment both of them orally.
  • They learn a lot of vocabulary and we make a glossary again! They have another one in their folders to learn, learn and learn!
  • Play a memory game in groups of three. The memory game involves the picture of each kind of tertiary sector activity and three sentences related to each of them.
  • Have a cut and paste activity with different information about the same topic (pictures and sentences): they have to order and stick them in the correct spaces.

It was a great time and pupils have a lot of fun! Families, you can see the pictures here:

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