eTwinning. Traditions in our country.

by Claudia, Carles and Guillermo
Escola Joan Sanpera i Torras – Les Franqueses del Vallès.
eTwinning Projecte: Learning English with European friends.

Carnival is a tradition and we celebrate in February.

In carnival people get dress, and go out with friends  and family on a parade. After that we go to party with costumes.


In Les Franqueses del Vallès, we participate on a show, dancing and acting.  This year, a group of people from our school participate won a prize.


On Saturday morning our school prepares a Costume Party opened to all the citizens in our town. If you come you will find inflatables, you’ll taste delicious hot chocolate and you can dance until exhaustion. But don’t forget to come dressed with your costume.

Carnival in Les Franqueses is fantastic.

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