Del 26 al 30 de novembre, el departament administratiu de l’Institut Milà i Fontanals i dintre
de l’experiència de simulació d’empreses, programa SEFED, va participar en un intercanvi
d’experiències professionals , “job shadowing”, amb institucions de Vilnius, Lithuania.
Un dels objectius d’aquesta experiència era intercanviar tècniques i recursos… Llegeix més»

Recognition procedure

The HS will provide training in companies  which cooperation agreements have already been signed. The student will sign and accept together with the host high school and the host company a learning agreement, where the effective period of training, time and activities to be developed will… Llegeix més»

Institution languaje support

The participants who take part in these activities will receive from the high school additional training in the host country language. Moreover, the curriculum already includes  the teaching in English of part of its  modules .
Part of the vocabulary in some subjects is being provided… Llegeix més»

Fundamental principles

In Mila i Fontanals HS,  the main part of  vocational training courses are ordered  by LOE law. The ECVET  are made annually. The credits are composed of many independents UF. Some of them are likely to be  cursed  abroad or in enterprises (in case of… Llegeix més»

General organisation

Mila i Fontanals Hight School  hosts 14 hight vocational training courses, from 11 diferent professional families. The institution management  has as a  directive team  composed by the director, assistant manager, head estudies, pedagogic coordinator, administrator and secretary. Underneath there are some comissions, among them  the… Llegeix més»