Autumn art project: Animals with leaves

Our students from 5th grade made these amazing creations
 with leaves that they picked up from the playground. They 
selected the leaves, cut them and sticked them on a white
cardboard in order to create different animals. Also, they 
could do trees and other elements to decorate the 
cardboard. They were very imaginative and we are so proud
 of them! Here you can see the fantastic results:





Autumn art project: Autumn and Coffee
The pupils of 6th grade used white cardboard, leaves from
 the playground and soluble coffee to do this craft. They did
 a framework with tape and stick the leaves on the paper.
 Then, they painted the entire surface with soluble coffee,
 and when it was dry they took off the tape and the leaves.
 The result is incredible. You could even use it to decorate 
your living room!

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