6th graders and their eTwinning project

This December, our grade 6th is starting an eTwinning challenging project with schools from Slovenia, Germany and Italy. eTwinning is a community which is part of Erasmus+ (el Programa de la Unió Europea en matèria d’educació, formació, joventut i esport). Our project is called “Describe and draw”. This project is for promoting the use of the technology, improving the English level and learning about different cultures, collaborating all together.

For our first activity, we are sharing Christmas Trees. Every student is designing half tree using Microsoft Office Word, then pupils from Slovenia, Germany and Italy are going to complete them. We have decided to add some Tiós and special details to our drawings.

For completing their half trees, we are using Painto Pro and having fun:

Our second activity is on January 2020. So let’s continue!


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