Interview to Ruairidh, our conversation assistant

This year, a conversation assistant is helping our students to express themselves in English. His name is Ruairidh Macleod, and he comes from Scotland. Two 4th ESO students, Vinyet and Jesica have done this interview, so students, parents and teachers will know him.  Let’s know a little about him.

Do you like our high school?
Yeah I really like it, the students are being very nice and welcoming and the teachers are all being helpful and I haven’t got any experience of teaching before. I really like the school.

What are you studying?
I’m graduated from university, back in Scotland I studied law.

Have the teachers explained to you how we work here? I mean the projects.
No, they haven’t but they’ve told me the topics you are learning in class and the tenses you’re practising and things…Maybe in the future I’ll be more involved in the classroom.

How is Spain different from Scotland?
Well, the city I came from Scotland is much bigger than Granollers, and my school in Scotland everyone wears uniform and it starts at 09:00 and finishes and 15:30 so 08:00 feels very early to me.
The meal time’s are completely different, so we have breakfast at 08:00 and lunch at 12:00 or 13:00 and then dinner at 17:00/18:00, so at this time everyday here I become very hungry and we don’t have dinner until 20:00…
My first night here we had dinner at 22:30 and I thought it was crazy!!

Can you explain us a little bit about yourself? Like.. How do you think you are?
Yeah, I would say I’m friendly, my friends all say I’m very loud, and I like socializing, spending time with friends…
I’ve met others conversation assistants near here, I like to see them at the weekend in Barcelona.

We want to ask about family, do you have any brothers or sisters?
Yeah, I’ve got one brother and two sisters, they’re all older than me, so I’m the baby.

Why did you choose Spain?
I wanted to come to Spain because I’ve always enjoyed my time here and it’s more relax than back home, and the food is very good.

Do you like Spain? Can you tell us the first impresion?
Yes, I’ve been here twice before and the people all are very nice.

Did you visit something in Barcelona?
I was in the “Barri gòtic”, and I saw the Cathedral, also the “Eixample”,I saw a gothic building with the waves, and I went to a “tapas” place where it was very cheap, 100 montaditos. It has a very cheap beer.
Oh! And another difference between Scotland to Spain, is that in McDonald’s here they serve beer, and in Scotland they don’t, and it’s very strange, I was very surprised.


Have you learn something in Spanish or Catalan?
Yeah, I’ve been picking up lots of words but people mainly want to speak English to me, but I hope at the end I’ll know a lot of Spanish and Catalan because it will be really good skills to have.


Can we ask you something about your likes?
Of course!

Do you have a favourite film?
My fav film is “The Lord of the rings” and last week I watched “Girls trip”, an American film that it was really really funny, I mainly watch TV shows too.
On netflix I watch “Mad men” and “Prison break”

What’s your favourite artist?
I like U2, Rihanna, and a band called “Everything everything”, they’re from the UK.

Are you reading any book at the moment?
Yes, right now I’m reading “100 years of solitude” it’s a book in Spanish but I’m reading it in English.

And.. What’s your favourite food?
I like the “Sunday roast” which is, every Sunday in Britain all the family comes together and has a roast chicken or roast beef, so yeah, I miss that a little bit.
I love paella, this is one of the reasons i came here, and I love milkshakes, I always create milkshakes.

And that’s all! Thanks Ruairidh.