What is the Coronavirus Time Capsule? The Coronavirus Time Capsule is a way of recording our students’ experiences during the global coronavirus pandemic and shutdown. It is a cumulative project. Each week a group of students from 2n, 4t ESO and 1r Bat will respond to a Topic (things like Home Life, or Education, or Boredom) and make a thirty second video. The same process happens every week, with the new videos added on to the original ones, so that the Time Capsule gets longer and develops as the shutdown continues and evolves. It’s a way of marking and remembering this extraordinary period in our shared history.  #joemquedoacasa

Week 1_2n ESO

Week2_2n ESO

Week 3 2n ESO

Week 1_4th ESO

Week 2_4th ESO

Week 3 4th ESO

Week 1_1st BAT

Week 2_1st BAT

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