It is a fact that we live in a multicultural society where managing different languages and skills is a must. That is why INS El Cairat wants to give students the necessary tools to be competent in this society.
During school year 2015-16 our school was involved in the GEP project  (Grup Experimental Plurilingüe) fostered by the Generalitat de Catalunya. The aim of the project was to teach other subjects in foreign languages (mainly English) in order to improve the English level of the students. These subjects were “Computer Science” and “Let’s Speak Music”.
We continued with such an appealing project during 2016-17 and we increased the number of students who took part in the project with subjects such as Computer Science, Social Sciences and two optional subjects in English among other small projects within the regular classes.
And during this course (2017-18) the school continues offering a range of activities within the classes using English as a means of communication in order to prepare our students for the future. That is why this is the fourth year we offer extracurricular lessons to prepare our students for different official exams with an international recognition such as the Cambridge First Certificate in English (we are a Cambridge Preparation Centre) or DELF for French.
If you want to know more about this project, have a look at some of our everyday activities.

Entre les diferents activitats que es treballen des de l’institut per potenciar les llengües, destaquem:

Matèries optatives de francès i alemany a l’ESO.

Preparació per les proves oficials FIRST i DELF a 4tESO. 

Setmana de la Ciència. Science in English

Thanks for joining us today in 4 new workshops of science in English. We have talked about and experienced different topics like:

  • SHORT TERM MEMORY: It disappears in a very short time, is it a good idea to use it to study for our exams?
  • SCIENTISTS AND THEIR DISCOVERIES: Can you match the name and picture of the scientists and the description of their invention?
  • LEFT-HANDED PEOPLE: We have made different tests to students to know if they are left- or right-handed and expressed the difficulties of doing some actions if you are a leftie.
  • THE READING PROCESS: Do we always understand everything we read? Texts are everywhere and we need to have full comprehension.

We have had a great time and our monitors from the 3rd grade of ESO in the workshops have done a great task in English.


To celebrate Science Week, the students of 1st of batxillerat will watch the film Hidden Figures, which is the story of three black women who made important contributions to the US space programme.

We strongly recommend this film because it’s an inspiring story about perseverance and triumph in the face of adversity.

Here is the link for the trailer. We hope it stirs your curiosity!

Sharing to Learn

Are you ready to start a new Sharing to Learn project? Yes, we are!!!

Have a look at all our Language Assistants while organizing the school year. Enjoy this unforgettable experience.

INVESTEU Erasmus+ KA229

Aquesta setmana dins l’Erasmus+ KA2 anomenat INVESTEU, que estem coordinant, els nostres horaris han estat molt atapeïts. Hem rebut la visita dels nostres coordinadors dels centres socis transnacionals: Sra. Marta Azevedo d’Entroncamento, a Portugal; Sra. Adela Queimadelos, de Vigo, a Galícia i Sra. Kathrin Stoppel de Lindau, a Alemanya. Amb el seu ajut, hem organitzat i gaudit de les primeres jornades de formació per a professorat sobre la tutorització de projectes d’investigació.
Hem comptat també amb la valuosa intervenció de Sergi Bonet, professor a l’institut Mare de Déu de la Salut de Sabadell, i les nostres expertes locals en guiar projectes d’investigació: Carme Piqué, Sagrari Fernández, Marisa Salgado, Anna Feixas, Juana Díaz i Patrícia Moreno. Hem realitzat, tanmateix, visites culturals i àpats conjunts.
En resum, una experiència fantàstica que ens ha atorgat noves energies i motivació per continuar les nostres tasques.

This week, within the Erasmus+ KA2 called Investeu, that we are coordinating, our timetable has been very busy. We have received the visit of our transnational partners’ coordinators, Mrs. Marta Azevedo from Entroncamento, Portugal, Mrs Adela Queimadelos, from Vigo, Galicia and Mrs Kathrin Stoppel from Lindau, Germany. With their help we have organized and enjoyed our first teachers’ training on the guidance of investigation projects. We have also had the valuable interventions of Sergi Bonet, teacher at school Mare de Déu de la Salut in Sabadell, and our local investigation guides: Carme Piqué, Sagrari Fernández, Marisa Salgado, Anna Feixas, Juana Díaz and Patricia Moreno. We have enjoyed cultural visits and some incredible meals together, too.
All in all, a fantastic experience that has filled all of us with new energy and motivation to continue our tasks.

Coordinació Projecte Erasmus

Hem assistit a les jornades de centres coordinadors de projectes Eramus+ K2 organitzades pel Sepie a Madrid els dies 18 i 19 de setembre.

La professora Isabel Jiménez com a membre de l’equip impulsor de projectes Erasmus+ ha participat en aquestes reunions informatives en que es tracten temes com l’organització econòmica o la coordinació amb els socis.

Aquest curs 2019-2020 coordinem un projecte K2 amb socis a Galícia, Portugal i Alemanya que ens permetrà internacionalitzar el nostre projecte identitari Gust i Passió per Investigar i compartir experiències amb d’altres centres europeus.

Nova beca Erasmus+ per a alumnat i professorat

L’institut El Cairat ha rebut una beca Erasmus+ KA2 que permetrà el curs 2019-2020 les mobilitats d’alumnat i professorat del projecte identitari “Gust i Passió per investigar”. Aquestes mobilitats es faran a Alemanya, Portugal i La Corunya.

El projecte INVESTEU. Let’s share our investigation projects with Europe té com a objectius millorar  i posar en valor els treballs d’investigació amb metodologia científica i generar pràctiques innovadores amb l’ús de les TIC com a mitjà de recerca, gestió, creació i difusió tant d’informació com de coneixement.