CLIL Practicum from UAB

Berta and Romina, finished the second practicum in INS Salvador Espriu last Friday 23rd, on Sant Jordi. What a great day to end these two intense months! They have been constantly learning from students, teachers and staff from the school. We hope that students have acquired a lot of important general knowledge and have opened their minds to understanding the world a little bit better. On the one hand, ESO year 3 groups C, D and E have had the opportunity to discover the art from the Renaissance in a CLIL subject. The fact that one of them is a historian and the other one specialises in the English language has made it the ideal combination to teach this topic in English. On the other hand, ESO year 1 groups C, D and E have gone on a journey to explore the different types of communication in the English subject. Moreover, students have been working on braille, Morse code and sign language. They have actively participated in class and have understood the wonderful communicative diversity that society encompasses. Co-teaching has been very successful, and students have been able to make the most of the experience. Berta & Romina would like to thank everyone who has made this journey possible. Last week they ended their practicum with us with unforgettable memories. We will miss them!

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