Intercanvi Cals College Nieuwegein – Ins Salvador Espriu Barcelona

Cals College Nieuwegein – Ins Salvador Espriu Barcelona Exchange
Last week we welcomed the students and teachers from Cals College. After a couple of months of virtual exchange, our third ESO students could finally meet their partners. The expectation was high.
Our students and their families… Llegeix més»

Exchange 2017

What is a Dutch school like? What about the subjects and educational system? And meal times? And food? And teenage music? And cycling to school in the mornings? Dutch students love Barcelona, and we love visiting Cals College in Nieuwegein and sharing experiences. An exchange is an opportunity to pop into another culture, into another family, into another school with a teenager like us, being open-minded and respectful. Apart from this, we visited Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, we rowed along Utrecht canals and we had some excitement in a typical polder landscape. Once again, a group of 28 ESO year 3 students have taken part in this year’s exchange with Cals and travelled to the Netherlands, as part of our school plurilingual project.

Exhange in Holland 2016

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Un grup de 29 alumnes de tercer d’ESO han participat en un intercanvi amb els alumnes del centre CALS College d’Utrecht. Durant l’estada a Holanda del 9 al 14 de març , els nostres alumnes han participat en visites culturals a les ciutats d’Utrecht i Amsterdam, diferents activitats lúdiques i esportives i classes impartides per professorat del centre holandès.