Hi families!

In CLIL we have studied several things about the Romans: Roman Numerals, monuments, culture, some legend…) But before, we learnt in which historical period the Romans lived.

We show you these Time Lines where you can see the five different historical periods: PREHISTORY, ANCIENT AGE, MIDDLE AGE, MODERN AGE and CONTEMPORARY AGE.

We’ve done it with a computer app in IT lessons, but writing the content in english.

Have a look!!!

-Maria i Júlia

-Laura i Greta

-Ilham i Hind

-Aina i Mireia

– Marina i Joel

-Ángel i Biel

– Gerard i Albert

– Joana i Biel F.

– Giulia i Carla

– Marwa i Ariadna

– Mario i Àlex

– Pol i Mariona

– Lia i Martí

– Cecilia, Erinn i Nil

– Joel, Aina i Simón

– Javi i Izan

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