Hi Children!!!
Here we are!!! I hope you are ok!!!???
We know that our daily routine has changed a little bit.
But, we continue practising English!!!
We’re going to learn different things about animals: vocabulary, adjectives, comparisons… Everything very easy!!!
In order to help you, you can watch this flashcards, video and exercises to practice comparisons.






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  1. judith rubio balaguer

    Hello Dolors
    I m Judith Rubio. I have watched the videos and some words are a little difficult but I undersant with my mother.

    thank you!

  2. Enric Macià

    Hello Dolors,
    I am Enric Macià. I watched the videos. I like animals (my favourite animal is the snake, and it was not in the video!)
    I think the name of little animals is difficult, but they are lovely.

    thank you!!

  3. Irene Covelo Fernández

    Hello Dolors
    I’m Irene Covelo Fernández I have wached the videos I liked a lot

    thank you for the videos good bye!!!


  4. Helena Trinita Napolitano Llopis

    Hola Dolores ja e fet las activitats de animals an sigutmolt divertits i esta tot bé i els vidios son divertits ma agradat molt.

    Molts petons.

    Helena Napolitano Lopis


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