Irregular verbs conjugation

Many verbs, such as “have,” take irregular forms in the Simple Past. Notice that you only use the irregular verbs in statements. In negative forms and questions, “did” indicates Simple Past.

irregular verbs

Irregular verbs list

In class I gave you a complete and interesting list with lots of irregular verbs to study. Either if you lost the list or you want to save it in your computer, here you have the document with the IRREGULAR VERBS LIST. Enjoy! 😉

If you want to practice writing the verbs, here you have a list VERBS LIST TO FILL IN, it’s like the exam 😉


Here there’s a short video with which you can practice the pronunciation of irregular verbs. I hope it helps you! 🙂


Online activities

1. Irregular verbs 1-10

2. Irregular verbs 1-10 – drag and drop

3. Irregular verbs 11-20

4. Irregular verbs 11-20 – drag and drop

5. Irregular verbs 21-30

6. Irregular verbs 21-30 – drag and drop

7. Irregular verbs 31-40

8. Irregular verbs 31-40 – drag and drop

9. Crossword

10. Fill in the gaps (1)

11. Fill in the gaps (2)

12. Fill in the gaps (3)

13. Fill in the gaps (4)

Past tense – Regular and irregular verbs

1. Fill in the gaps – sentences(1)

2. Fill in the gaps – sentences (2)

3. Fill in the gaps – sentences (3)

4. Fill in the gaps – sentences (4)

5. Fill in the gaps – sentences (5)

6. Verbs list – Sent by Andrea P.


1. Memory game (1)

2. Memory game (2)

3. Memory game (3)

4. Monkey game!

5. Quiz

6. Spelling game (1)

7. Spelling game (2)

8. Spin the wheel!

9. Hangman

A funny poem

I found this poem while surfing the Internet and I liked it a lot. It’s a poem about a bad boy who did bad things in the past… Do you want to know more? Just have a look! 😉

irregulra verbs poem


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