Formación de adjetivos

Pueden formarse adjetivos añadiendo estos sufijos a otras palabras:
-osa / -oso: espantar-espantoso, pereza-perezosa, pegajoso, amorosa…
-able: desear-deseable, amable, imparable, desagradable…
-ible: creer-increíble, invisible, impredecible, invencible…
-ante: cantar-cantante, estudiante, comerciante, radiante…
-ado / -ada: cansar-cansada, mareado, espantada, pesado…
-al: policía-policial, comercial, verbal, invernal…
-iente: arder-ardiente, caliente, impaciente, reciente…
-ístico: fútbol-futbolístico, artística, característico…

En 30… Llegeix més»

Diptongos e hiatos

Las vocales pueden ser fuertes o débiles:

  • Vocales fuertes: A, E, O.
  • Vocales débiles: I, U.

Cuando una palabra tiene dos vocales seguidas, pueden estar en la misma sílaba o en sílabas distintas:

Diptongo: Dos vocales juntas en la misma sílaba.

Red alert song

Global warming is here, the Earth is getting _________.
It’s harder for wild _________ to find their_________ and water.
Red alert! Red alert! Save _________ and _________ too!
Red alert! Red alert! It’s up to me and _________.
Pollution is a problem, rubbish in _________ and _________.
_________ poisoned by… Llegeix més»

Reading 3

What’s your favourite dessert?





These are the desserts students like:

  • Catalan cream
  • Cake
  • Chocolate / chocolates
  • Coulan
  • Cream
  • Crepes
  • Custard: natilles
  • Fruit
  • Ice-cream
  • Pie (not pee or pay!!)
  • Rice with milk
  • Tiramisú
  • Yogurt

Interesting words to remember

  • At the top
  • At the bottom

Story 4. The alibi

Hello everyone!! Here you will find the story we read at class and the new vocabulary to learn. I hope it helps you to study 🙂

Story vocabulary
Here there is a list of all the difficult words, please try to learn and remember them.













Around the city

Extra vocabulary
Here you will find all the extra words that appeared in class during this unit. I hope this lists help you to remember all the new vocabulary! 🙂

  • Aquarium
  • Bar / pub
  • Bus station / train station…
  • Café
  • Car park
  • Cinema
  • Church / cathedral
  • Factory: fàbrica
  • Fire station
  • Gym
  • Hospital
  • Houses (appartment, flat, skycraper, hotels…)
  • Library (not… Llegeix més»

5.Unit 3 vocabulary

Awesome animals

Extra vocabulary

  • Arms: potes (o braços)
  • Belly: panxa
  • Claws: urpes
  • Feathers: plomes
  • Fur: pèl
  • Horn: banya
  • Legs: potes (o cames)
  • Mane: crinera del lleó
  • Shell: closca
  • Spots: taques
  • Tail: cua
  • Teeth: dents
  • Tusks: ullals
  • Whiskers: bigotis (d’animals)
  • Wings: ales

Vocabulary list
You can download the list here.

Other animals

  • Comodo dragon