Thank you for your work, Dylan

We would like to say hello but today the lesson is just the opposite. We are learning to say good bye and it is not so easy because here, at this high school, everybody appreciates you.

You have been pleasant and helpful preparing some materials, keeping our projects going… Not only do you complete work yourself but we have seen you have been happy, patient and helpful with our students as well. Furthermore you do this all with a fantastic attitude and disposition. Your dedication has really helped us. So that, all the educational community want to say thank you for the job you have been doing at our high school. We just wanted to make sure you know how much you are valued.

And as we know that you like climbing we want to advise you to continue climbing up, climbing very high taking into account all aspects of your life. Remember that “Every mountain top is within reach, if you just keep climbing”.  Success should follow you each and every place you go.

Bye and good luck

Riudoms, 30th May, 2017


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