L’institut comença la seva activitat amb una oferta que anirà augmentant al llarg dels següents cursos fins a abastar la majoria de les formacions de postobligatòria d’Activitats físiques i esportives i que, per al el Curs 2020-21, és la següent:

The ‘Institut de l’Esport de Barcelona’ (Sport Institute of Barcelona) is a public school for Vocational Education and Training (VET), specialized in formations related to sports.

Starting in September 2020, as a new Professional School in Barcelona for all students having finished the obligatory schooling years, it will add a more focused and specific education for all professions related to physical activity.

Expecting to grow in formations and groups over the next years, our school will offer for the scholar-year 2020-21 most existing VET Studies of the Spanish School System:

  • Itinerari Formatiu Específic Auxiliar de manteniment d’Instal·lacions esportives (Specific training formation as Sports Facilities Maintenance Assistant) is a four years long – Level 1 formation intended for students with a mild or moderate intellectual disability
  • Tècnic/a esportiu en Futbol (Football sports technician) is a in two courses (455 & 565 hours) Level 2 formation specialized in one sport. Further sports will be implemented in the future.
  • Cicle formatiu de grau mitjà en Conducció d’activitats físicoesportives al medi natural (Middle degree VET in Guiding physical and sports activities in the natural environment) is a Level 2 formation of 1.400 hours given in one school-year.
  • Cicle formatiu de grau superior en Ensenyament i animació socioesportiva (High degree VET in Socio-sports teaching and animation) is a 2 years long – Level 3 formation of 2.000 hours.
  • Cicle formatiu de grau superior en Condicionament físic (High degree VET in Physical fitness) is a 2 years long – Level 3 formation of 2.000 hours.