GEP 3r: All about plants! Session 1

Last Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th January, pupils from 3rd grade have started our GEP project called: All about plants!
In this first session they:

  • Understand the contents and the objectives of the lesson with a PowerPoint.
  • Play with a dictogloss from the Fairy Tale “Jack and the… Llegeix més»


In this third session we have learned the differences between wild plants and cultivated plants, those that are grown up by humans and are used to create medicines, perfumes, clothes, food…
Then, we have done a maths activity (symmetry) related with plants drawing the half of the image… Llegeix més»

GEP in 3rd grade continues!

Today we have started the lesson playing! All the pupils have enjoyed learning the parts of plants with the Kahoot App. In pairs or groups of three they have answered some questions in their tablets.
After that, pupils have ordered some pieces and have finished a… Llegeix més»