Quinquennals Festivities


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by Ariadna Alonso, Maria Nos and Anna Queralt. Batxillerat, 2nd year

Like every five years, people from Alcanar look forward to the arrival of Quinquennals Festivities, which are very special and meaningful for our people.

Every five years, when October arrives, citizens from Alcanar, prepare themselves to receive the “Verge del Remei”, the patron saint of the town. In a festive atmosphere of joy and brotherhood, residents of each neighbourhood leave their homes and take the streets to decorate them with flowers, altars and colourful carpets. The proclamation of the heiresses, heirs and little heiresses, the coach parade, dances in the afternoon and in the evening, musical performances and the race of the “carraus” are also some of the events that take place during the festivities.

Quinquennals Festivities, which reaches its 75th anniversary this year, are waited with hope for all the locals and also foreign people. Some appreciate the festive spirit and good atmosphere that we live in the town during the first two weeks of October. Others consider the festivities as an expression of the faith of our people. But, certainly, everybody respect and love this beautiful tradition.

This is just the introduction to the report that will be published on our blog “Welcome to Alcanar”  http://welcomealcanar.blogspot.com.es/ , together with other news on this year festivities and other interesting topics. Visit us.

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