Setmana de la Ciència. Science in English

Thanks for joining us today in 4 new workshops of science in English. We have talked about and experienced different topics like:

  • SHORT TERM MEMORY: It disappears in a very short time, is it a good idea to use it to study for our exams?
  • SCIENTISTS AND THEIR DISCOVERIES: Can you match the name and picture of the scientists and the description of their invention?
  • LEFT-HANDED PEOPLE: We have made different tests to students to know if they are left- or right-handed and expressed the difficulties of doing some actions if you are a leftie.
  • THE READING PROCESS: Do we always understand everything we read? Texts are everywhere and we need to have full comprehension.

We have had a great time and our monitors from the 3rd grade of ESO in the workshops have done a great task in English.


To celebrate Science Week, the students of 1st of batxillerat will watch the film Hidden Figures, which is the story of three black women who made important contributions to the US space programme.

We strongly recommend this film because it’s an inspiring story about perseverance and triumph in the face of adversity.

Here is the link for the trailer. We hope it stirs your curiosity!

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