Can you learn a language online?


Can you learn a language online?

The students of 4t ESO A, B and C have been asked about the convenience of learning a language online.  Find about some of their opinions below and let us know what you think about this issue.

Ariadna Hernández (4t A)

Nowadays we can do anything we want online.  However, although we are already searching the net for information and learning online, we are not using the Internet in a good way.

First of all, I think that language schools are overrated because you will not learn any language if you do not want to. The truth is that you need to get into the language to learn it, so watching films or listening to music in the language you are aiming to will help you.

Furthermore, there are apps for talking to people all over the world.  Although perhaps you like grammar exercises instead, which are on the Internet too.

In conclusion, you can learn English either in language schools or online, but I believe that you would learn much more English on the Internet since you are introducing your English in your ordinary life, not just in a classroom.

Jordi Castelo (4tB)

Nowadays, a lot of people would like to learn new languages and they do not know how. They could choose to go to a language school or they could learn them on the Internet.

First of all, I believe that learning online is a good way to learn foreign languages. You do not have to pay anything and you have a lot of options, such as applications, tutorials, videos on Youtube or even games. In addition, some games have the option of changing the main language.

Some people think that it is better to go to a language school, but it is impossible if you cannot afford it. Learning a foreign language online is a good alternative to that.

To sum up, I think that applications, videos and games are an excellent option to learn new vocabulary and structures.

Roger Pozuelo (4tC)

I think you can learn any language as far as you find the way that fits you the most. That allows you to stay motivated, because sometimes motivation comes from being aware of your progress.

From my personal experience, I can assert that learning languages online is one of the best, if not the best way to learn a language. The Internet is a very powerful tool to learn almost everything we want. It has arguably made a change in education and I hope it ends by completely replacing the traditional method.

Three years ago, I found a website that really caught my eye and I wanted to give it a chance, so I decided that I would start learning Italian on my own. I just had that website and a grammar book. Six months later, I was able to have fluent conversations with Italian people. It was then when I realized that something was going wrong. I had spent eight years learning English at school, but I could barely understand conversations between two native speakers.

When we learn languages online, we can manage our time in many different ways. We decide what we learn, we decide how we learn, we decide if we revise something we have already learnt, and, last but not least, we decide when we learn. That is the main point.

All the things I have just mentioned are very important advantages that we hardly ever have at school. I must admit, though, that school offers you the possibility to interact and to have “real conversations”, which is something you cannot do online. However, there are also some ways to find language partners online as well.

To sum up, I would like to add one more thing: don´t forget that you can always learn a new language, but  ALL YOU NEED IS WILL.



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  1. MTL

    Hello, do not forget to practise your speech as well, but sometimes, it is not so easy, as you need more people to talk with. For that reason we created a speak workshop in Sant Vicenç.
    MTL ( Mind the laps ), we meet at the library las Voltas every Monday from 19 to 20h.
    We are in facebook ( Mind the Laps )
    Most important, is free ! no payment or access test, everybody is welcome 😉
    We meet next July 1, 8 an 15.
    Notice, since It is summer, instead of room 2 at the library we will be at “Cal Nitu´s terrace”, located just left, ” Mind the Laps a la fresca ” , free too !

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