“Spread the Love” eTwinning project


1st grade is involved in an eTwinning project called “Spread the Love” with schools from Malta, Turkey, Croatia, Portugal, Romania and Czech Republic.
I believe that in order to enhance pupils’ motivation, I should give them real reasons to learn. For this reason, the eTwinning platform can be a useful instrument because the students would have real communication in English with other ESL students from another European country.

As you can see, our 1st graders are ready for making their presentation to their efriends:

Love is in the air and on their eyes 🙂 What do you think?

This project can make a BIG impact by simply spreading LOVE and showing everyone that LOVE has no boundaries especially in the eyes and hearts of children! Love will be spread in both in English and students Native languages to show the world that LOVE is EVERYONE!

We has created this padlet with all the countries participating with us:

Made with Padlet

These are our messages in the different languages of the project:



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