3rd: LET’S SPIN! Digital and cooperative English

Some days ago, the 3rd grade pupils did a cooperative and digital activity to make a review of “there is/there are” structure and school objects in English.

It was a useful and motivating activity, because they worked in groups and used some tablets to spin an online wheel with vocabulary. The main objective of this activity was making sentences about the school objects that appeared in the online game, using the cooperative technique “Let’s spin the sheet” (foli giratori). They learned about the structure of a sentence using there is/are, classroom objects, numbers and places. Every member of the group followed these steps:

  1. Spin the vocabulary wheel (online game- tablet).
  2. Say the name of the school object.
  3. Think a sentence (there is/there are).
  4. Write the sentence on a sheet.
  5. Spin the sheet (cooperative technique).

Finally, they shared their sentences in a whole-class activity. It was an entertaining activity and they helped each other to achieve this cooperative and digital goal! If you want to have a look at some pictures, click HERE.

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