Some days ago, the fifth grade students created an English interview for Damià Abella to ask him some questions about his career and the world of football.
Damià Abella is a famous coach and ex-football player. He also played in FC Barcelona.
You can have a look… Llegeix més»

1st grade: VIDEO IN, ON & UNDER

The 1st grade pupils are learning about the prepositions IN, ON and UNDER.  They think and say an English sentence using these prepositions and school objects.
They decide to make this video to show what they know. Watch their video, listen to them and enjoy it! Good job!… Llegeix més»

5th grade- VIDEO: ALL ABOUT ME

In the first term, fifth grade students learned how to introduce themselves in English. This activity was called “ALL ABOUT ME”.
Firstly, they created a funny picture of them using a website to make avatars. Secondly, they wrote some sentences to give information about them and… Llegeix més»

6th grade: VIDEO- Prepositions and school supplies

Hi there,
the 6th grade pupils ask and answer some questions about the prepositions of place and school supplies to review some vocabulary.
They want to post this video to show you how they work and learn together in their classroom! Watch the… Llegeix més»

6th grade: Summer is coming… What is your hobby?

Everybody knows that summer is just around the corner: free time to enjoy, relax, play and have great moments!
This is why the sixth graders talk about their hobbies on this Padlet! Password: hobby
They make an English visual presentation and explain it… Llegeix més»