La Terra a 3r

Els alumnes de 3r hem començat un nou tema a medi sobre la Terra. Hem treballat el planisferi i hem conegut el nom dels oceans i els continents.
Les mestres ens han demanat que fem un petit treball en grup sobre un continent. Properament en farem… Llegeix més»


Hi everybody!
As you may know, some of our students from 6th grade, have an extra hour of English every week, on Thursdays afternoon. In october, we have been working on different stories.  In pairs we wrote a story and we made a theatre play to… Llegeix més»

Welcome English Class

Hello everybody!
Children, families and teachers, we have just started a new school year. We really feel very motivated and with lots of enthusiasm to show you some photos of the new English Classroom we have at the old building. As you can see… Llegeix més»