On the 15th of March, children of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th level are going to attend in the school a musical workshop with the company Jumping Ducks, from Barcelona. They are going to have the opportunity to practise English through singing a song; preparing a coreography and working on different musical aspects: voice, rhythm,…

Here you are the songs and the lyrics that every class has chosen, so that everyone can practise at home on their own.

Enjoy yourself!!!!!!!… Llegeix més»

Fortnite matemàtic

Què és fortnite matemàtic?
Fortnite matemàtic és un joc de problemes que has de resoldre per passar d’una zona a una altra. Aquests llocs corresponen als que apareixen al popular joc de Fortnite:
-Balsa Botin, Parque Placentero, Lomas lúgubres, Caserio Colesterol, Alameda Aullante, Chiringuito Chatarra, Latifundio  Letal,… Llegeix més»