Our Global Scholars School Trip: The Agbar Water Museum

We, the 1ABC and 2ABC classes, went for a trip to the Agbar Water Museum on January 22nd.

Our guides were Alberto and David who work at the Museum. It was useful to answer the questions for our English Project. We learnt a lot all:

1-Our city water comes from the Llobregat, Ter and Besos Rivers, and also from reservoirs, wells & aquifers.

2-Our water is clean thanks to our sewage and purification & waste treatment plants (such as St Feliu and El Prat Plants), that use chlorine and other chemical elements to clean the water that arrives at our homes.

3-Our main city challenges: the city pipe system with 5,000kms should be in conditions, so the water arrives clean to our homes. The sewers should be working properly.

4-The wastewater comes out from buildings, offices, factories, schools, homes…This water is recycled so as to be used only for cleaning the streets, the water in fountains that ornate the city, firebrigades, etc…, not drinkable.

5-People should try saving water at homes and another buildings, recycle the garbage into recycling containers, and never ever throw objects and other elements (oil, wet wipes…) to sinkers or toilets.

6-Extra information: We now know the mechanism to extract the water from scratch.

And that’s all my friends, we all highly recommend it to go and visit, cheers!

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