Halloween in Serrallarga

Last Friday, before Halloween, 4 ESO (B and E) gave Basic Competences in English a pause to discover the dark imaginary of Tim Burton. We watched his first stop-motion film ‘Vincent’, a tribute to the actor Vincent Price, the poet Edgar Allan Poe and the Expressionist style in horror films.

Vincent is a young boy with a vivid imagination that takes him on a lugubrious journey into a fantastic and weird world in which his home is filled with spiders and bats, his aunt becomes an exhibit in his wax museum and his dog Abercrombie is converted into a horrible zombie.

Hypnotised, we paid attention to the pronunciation of the rhyming verse narrated by the sinister voice over of the real Vincent Price, to later read it aloud at the same pace as him. Well, a kind of. All in all, we retold the quirky story to the others and talked about the struggle between imagination and reason (central topics in Gothic tales), ‘The Raven’, Edgar Allan Poe and the famous quote that ends in ‘(…) Nevermore’.