Report on our trip to London 2019

Last week our first-year Baccalaureate students made a wonderful trip to London, where we visited places of interest and fabulous landmarks that we loved.

We started our first day strolling down the South Bank from the Tower Bridge, east London, where we saw the mythical warship HMS Belfast, ate at the famous Borough Market under the London Bridge, visited the mythical Globe theatre and went up to the third floor of the Tate Modern Museum to take a typical photo with Saint Paul Cathedral in the background. Then we crossed the Millenium Bridge towards St. Paul’s Cathedral to return to the hotel via Monument.

On the second day, our itinerary included a visit to the National History Museum and the Science Museum in South Kensington. Next, we went to Notting Hill to tour along Portobello road with its typical colorful houses. In the afternoon, we visited the Sky Garden to have a privileged view of this splendid city while enjoying the sunset. On our way back to the hostel, we took the typical pics with an impressive lit Tower Bridge background and later wandered through the stunning Saint Katherine’s Dock.

The third day was quite exhaustive. We began our route at Westminster Bridge where we took our first pictures in front of the London Eye. Then we walked towards Buckingham Palace to enjoy the ceremony of the change of guard and the particular change of guard at Wellington Barracks. Then we toured the Saint James’ Imperial Park to go to ‘House of Guards Parade’, from there we went to see 10 Downing Street, where the Prime Minister, Theresa May, resides.  We visited Trafalgar Square to go to Candem Town, where we did our souvenirs shopping and had lunch. In the afternoon, we headed to Soho, stopping at Kings Cross to visit the famous Harry Potter shop. Later on, we began our Soho tour at the famous Covent Garden Square, strolled to Leicester Square and visited the popular M&M’s store. Following, we went to Picadilly Circus, walked along Regent’s Street to enjoy the outstanding Hamley’s Toy Store, went down Carnaby Street and ended up in China Town, where we were able to take a break and have dinner.

The last day in London was a little more relaxed. We visited the British Museum and went to Marble Arch where some of us wandered around Oxford Street, others strolled through Hyde Park or went to the Primark shop to do their last shoppings. Finally, we all rushed back to the hotel to take the shuttle and return home from Heathrow airport.

All in all, it has been an unforgettable trip.


Read our student’s rate and opinion about our London trip:


This trip was very fun and educational. We visited lots of different places, and I had to talk in English!!. Furthermore, I had fun with my friends. It was very nice!

Marina Pastor.


I found this trip very interesting because we’ve visited the most emblematic places around London. But especially, I really enjoyed having a great time with my friends. It was amazing! Marina Aparicio


Carlos Jiménez Soneira: This trip was FANTASTIC! I found it very well organized because at all times we’ve had something to do or somewhere to go. The place that I liked the most was St. James Park, I think that the trip was a bit short but very beautiful.

Thanks Lola and Ana for this amazing trip!!!


Izan Domínguez Ortega

I enjoyed our trip a lot, but it was very short for me! Nevertheless, we’ve visited a lot of places. It’s such a beautiful city that I strongly recommend visiting it!


Eva Llamas: I loved our trip to London because It’s always been one of my favorites cities and we’ve visited a lot of wonderful and stunning  places like Camden and China Town. I really loved it!


Anna Navas: Our London trip has been my favourite trip for a long time. My favourite neighborhood was Covent Garden, that place is beautiful and full of art, although Camden is so beautiful and schoking, too.


Iker Cañadas: It was an awesome trip, I laughed a lot and I visited a new Englis speaking country. It’s been a really exciting experience I’ll never forget.


Tamara Varela: This London trip has been an awesome experience and it’s been amusing to spend time with my friends in such a gorgeous city. We visited loads of places like Camden and Covent Garden which were amazing.


Víctor Delgado Martí:  This trip was incredible and fantastic, I really liked it.


Maria Casado: I saw places that I already loved and I had a great time. I’d repeat this trip at any time!!.


Santi Rubio Garrocho: This trip was fantastic as London is definitely an amazing beautiful city. My favourite place was the Sky Garden. It has been such a great experience!


Dani Bosch Lopez : I really enjoyed this trip.



David Hernández: London is a beautiful city which I loved as there are many places to visit. It’s the perfect city to be with your friends. My favourite places where the Sky Garden where you can enjoy the skyline of London and Oxford street where you can buy souvenirs for your family and friends. I strongly recommend this trip.

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