Situations; Be prepared!

Do you think that your English is quite good and you are prepared to face any situation during your stay in Dublin?

Follow the links, watch these videos by the students of 2nd and 3rd of ESO and get an idea of the situations you may come up with.


AT THE AIRPORT by Mihai Boiciuc, Maria Cases, Maria Baró, Àlex Terré by Laia Boliart, Jana Galceran, Ares Buñol and Maria Gilabert


INTRODUCING YOURSELF AND ASKING ABOUT HABITS AND ROUTINES by Edna Fontanet, Jana Regué, Pol Eroles, Marc Torra by Teresa Velasco, Judit Mateo and Alba Martínez


 SHOPPING by Lorena Pedrosa, Giulia Tirban, Chams El Bennay by Gemma Salud, Xènia Solé, Xènia Zamora and Maria Alzina by Arnau Vidal, M. Eduarda Carvalho and Erika Belchi



TALKING ABOUT FOOD by Núria Regué, Gemma Joya, Sergi Eroles by Anna Miró, Djansu Beysim and Ada Vega


TALKING ABOU YOUR SCHOOL AND STUDIES by Carla Garcia, Laia López, Júlia Ribera by Teresa Velasco, Judit Mateo and Alba Martínez







TALKING ABOUT YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR HABITS by Laia Ros, Ileana Carirol, Pol Abelló by Gerard Algué, Albert Riera, Serni Batalla and Raül Filip




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