Save Water. The Future is in your Hands


Some of the students of 3rd of ESO have carried out a project entitled Save Water. The Future is in your Hands. Its main aim is to reduce our water footprint at home. After becoming aware that water is essential and that Catalonia is vulnerable to periods of droughts, we decided to design some advertisements to raise awareness of the importance of saving water in our community . We created a poster that we placed at the entrance of the high school with all the measures aimed at saving water that we agreed on. Besides, we gave a talk to our families, which was really useful and rewarding for us all.

Here you can see the video which shows the process:

Here you have the links to the advertisements created by the students:

AD (Serni, Raul, Albert, Gerard)

AD (Laia, Maria A. ,Xènia Z.)

AD (Teresa, Judit, Jana)

AD (Maria G., Maria C., Ares)

AD (Anna, Djansu, Ada)

AD (Andrea, Arnau, Erika I Ricard)

AD (Montse, Vini, Raquel)

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