Last Friday 11th March, all the students of 3rd and 4th of ESO went to the gym to see a theatre play called “Murder at Manor House”. The show was based on a famous board game called “Cluedo” and it was a whodunit: there were eight people (two actors and one actress) who were closed in a big housed, blocked by a snowstorm. The main character was David Black, who called some friends and relatives to have dinner at his house. He wanted to announce something important. Before that, he was murdered in the house. All the guests had reasons to kill him, but only one person was the murderer. To our surprise, we were the detectives and we had to guess who the murderer was. The eight characters were the following:

–    Mrs Peacock was a woman that only married men if they had money.
–    Kassandra Scarlet was David Black’s ex-wife and she also wanted men for their money.
–    Professor Plum was a video game designer and he also liked astronomy. He asked David Black to invest some money in his new video game , but David didn’t accept.
–    Jack Mustard was an ex-football player. His hobbies were drinking and watching his old matches.
–    Jacob Green didn’t have a job, but he loved money
–    Mrs White was Black’s housekeeper and cook and she didn’t remember that David was her son.

But…who murdered David Black? How and where did he die?

At the end of the play, when we had all the clues, the detective and us discovered that the murderer was Professor Plum with a trophy at the observatory.

Students’ opinions about the play:

  •  “The performance was very fun and entertaining and the characters were very funny. At the end of the performance we asked them a few questions and we discovered that they came from England.” Juan.
  •  “The play had a very interesting and amazing plot, but I didn’t like it.” Sandra
  •  “My opinion is that it was a very interesting story but with complicated vocabulary.” Claudia
  •  “They play was good but a little bit difficult.” Erika
  •  “The theatre play went very well and it was fun but there were parts that I couldn’t understand well. I liked it because it was fun and it was like a game.” Claudia
  •  “The actors were good and funny.” Andrea
  •  “It was an interesting play but I couldn’t understand the story well: there were a lot of characters and I couldn’t discover the murderer.” Paula
  •  “I liked the play but it was difficult to understand.” Sandra
  •  “If I had to give it a mark, I would give it an eight, because the story had an intrigue and it was frightening.2 Ingrid
  •  “In my opinion, the theatre play was a bit difficult  but, in spite of this, they did it very well. I liked it because we had to deduce who the murderer was.” Lara
  •  “In my opinion, it was a good play but it had a higher level of English than the level we expected.” Gerard

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