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MY OPINION: Percy Jackson & The Olympians

Jana Perramon (4rt A): “I have seen in English two mythological movies. They are called The Ligtning Thief and The Sea of Monsters. I enjoyed them because some parts were filled with fear, emotion and action. They mix the real life with Greek mythology. The adventures that they live are very exciting, then, it’s impossible to get bored. (…) I recommend these movies because, if you like mythology, you will enjoy them a lot. You will also have a good time discovering new things. They are two movies that you can qualify with lots of adjectives so us fun, entertaining, amusing … Percy Jackson is the hero that we need in our life.”

Gina Closa (4rt A): “I liked both films, but I think the first one has been much better than the second one. (…) Watching these films, I’ve improved my English vocabulary and I’ve also learnt some other things about mythology. (…) I believe that the ending may be one of the best part of both films. But I would change something about the end of the second one: Percy and Annabeth should have told each other that in fact they had fallen in love.”

Roger Creus (4rt A): “To my mind, even though both films are supposed to be linked to each other and were produced by the same director, the first one surpasses the second one, as I found its plot more entertaining and I had the sensation that it kept the essence of a mythological film. (…) I must add I have overall enjoyed the film. It helped me remember some myths I had forgotten and it gave me an insight in the plot of Percy Jackson’s books, which may be interesting to read.”

Raquel Montserrat (4rt A): “The film has been very interesting, exciting and fun. I think they should do a third movie because the end of the second one is not suitable. (…) In this film I learnt many new monsters and I have improved my English level.”

Alba Planell (4rt B): “I want to say that I found the activity of watching these two films very interesting and fun. Because of that I can say that I have spent a very nice time in class. I think that we could repeat it and I hope the next film is coming soon!”

Júlia Camacho (4rt B): “I love Percy Jackson’s films and books. Although the films are really different from the books, I like the special effects aznd the story too.”

Eva Marquillas (4rt B): “The characters and the film in general were very well done. It is a good film that talks about Greco-Roman mythology. (…) I must say that sometimes I didn’t understand the text, but thanks to subtitles in English the story became more understandabe.”


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