Completem la segona mobilitat “virtual” del projecte Erasmus+

Després de l’aturada nadalenca, hem reiniciat l’activitat del projecte Erasmus + “Progression from school to adulthood in SEN” fent una segona trobada virtual amb els nostres socis britànics. El dimecres 26 de febrer ens vam reunir de nou a través de videoconferència amb Meet de Google per tal de completar la segona mobilitat del projecte.… Llegeix més»

We receive (online) our Erasmus + partners

It was on 25th and 26th November 2020 when we held the second virtual meeting of the Erasmus + project “Progression from school to adulthood in SEN”. In this case, the organization was run by our school and was intended to be a reciprocal visit to introduce our British partners to the state and school education context in Catalonia. … Llegeix més»

Rebem (de manera telemàtica) als socis Erasmus+

Van ser els dies 25 i 26 de novembre de 2020 quan vam dur a terme la segona trobada virtual del projecte Erasmus+ “Progression from school to adulthood in SEN”. En aquest cas, l’organització anava a càrrec del nostre centre educatiu i pretenia ser una visita recíproca per introduir als nostres socis britànics en el context educatiu estatal i de l’escola a Catalunya.… Llegeix més»

First mobility to Leeds

During the week of 21st-25th October 2019 , two of our representatives visited Leeds in the first mobility of the Erasmus + project “Progression from school to adulthood in SEN”.… Llegeix més»

Let’s start Erasmus+

We have recently been informed that our request to participate in the Erasmus + project, called Progression from school to adulthood in SEN, has been accepted.

Erasmus + is the EU program in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014-2020 and supports the implementation of the European Political Agenda for growth, employment, equity and inclusion.

The project in which we participate is part of the key action 2 of the Erasmus + program that promotes cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. The proposal raises a bilateral association that brings together two schools of special education to share practices that help us identify and overcome the difficulties that young people with NEE encounter in the transition from school to adulthood. We will analyze how emotional resilience can be developed to manage change, new experiences and the expectations of others, and explore different approaches in the contexts of the United Kingdom and Spain.

Thus, in the next two years, we will work together with East SILC John Jamieson, a special education school located east of the city of Leeds. During the period we plan to make different visits, on which we will inform you soon.