Year 5 students were describing a famous character last week, taking into account a brief introduction, their appearance, their clothes and their personality. They did an amazing job! You can watch some videos here:


Year 3 students have been working in groups to describe a picture, using the vocabulary we have been learning and the proper structures: “There is” or “There are”, depending on the number of items we talk about.
We use “there is” for just one thing (e.g. there is one pond) and “there are” for more than one thing (e.g. there are seven flowers).
Here you have some groups describing their picture. Enjoy!

Climate Strike

Activitat per recordar els problemes de medi ambient que té el nostre planeta i per reclamar que en tinguem més cura. Cada classe ha preparat uns cartells en llengua anglesa per a commemorar aquesta diada que s’ha celebrat a tot el món.

We have done an activity to be aware of the environmental problems that our planet has. The children also learn that things can change if we are more careful.

Each class has prepared some posters in English to commemorate this day that has been celebrated around the world.

“When I grow up” 4th graders

The boys and girls from 4th grade A and B have been preparing an oral presentation about what they want to be when they grow up: football players,  basketball players, teachers, dancers, police officers, beauticians, hairdressers … Look at the amazing murals that they made!

Congratulations boys and girls!

And you? What do you want to be when you grow up?