eTwinning, 6th grade. “ESCOLA SANT MIQUEL: OUR SCHOOL”

Some days ago, sixth grade pupils made a video to show their school to some students who are from other countries (Italy, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, etc.). So, they are doing an eTwinning project about Easter and they use English as a vehicular language. In fact, all the school pupils, from P3 to 6th grade, are participating in this project doing different Easter activities.

eTwinning is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. All school levels, from nursery to sixth form and further education colleges are eligible to join. The programme is applicable to all areas of the curriculum. There is a website to share the activities with other schools. If you want to know more information about eTwinning, click on this link.

Els i les alumnes de l’escola Sant Miquel estan participant en un projecte eTwinning sobre la Pasqua. Aquest projecte és en llengua anglesa i els permet conèixer alumnes d’altres països i compartir les seves produccions a la plataforma eTwinning. Per començar el projecte de Pasqua, els i les alumnes de sisè van fer un vídeo per presentar la seva escola. Per tenir més informació sobre què és eTwinning, podeu veure aquest enllaç.

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