6th grade: Speaking activity- THIS IS ME!

Do you know how to speak about you to meet English people?

The sixth grade students are doing an English speaking activity to introduce themselves.

Use the password thisisme to have a look at this PADLET to discover their avatars and listen to them!

CONGRATULATIONS! ? ? ?  Well done!

 ➡ You can “like it” and write some comments on this Padlet. If you write a comment, PLEASE USE NICE WORDS. BE POLITE AND RESPECTFUL! Write your name at the end of your comment too. 

 ➡ Send your English activity to the email class and it will be posted on this Padlet!  

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  1. Senyor Jordi

    An English activity very nice… I enjoy very much listen our pupils… I miss you so much!!!
    Congratulations to everybody: teacher Balbina and…pupils!!!

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