Some days ago, the fifth grade students created an English interview for Damià Abella to ask him some questions about his career and the world of football.

Damià Abella is a famous coach and ex-football player. He also played in FC Barcelona.

You can have a look at his professional website and some information about him.

The fifth grade students worked very hard in this task in a cooperative way. First, they looked some information about Damià Abella, then they created the questions and finally, recorded their programme in the school radio: Ràdio Activa. It was a good activity to practise the writing and speaking skills and the digital competence, too.

Then, they sent the same questions to Patrick Kluivert, a Dutch former football player and coach, and he answered them in a written message.

You can have a look at some pictures here and listen to them and Damià Abella by clickling this podcast.

Thank you very much, Damià Abella, to answer the questions and share your time with us. Really good!

Picture by Barça Balkan.

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