Hello there,
6th graders have been working a little bit on grammar. At the end they have written a poem and have rapped it. Do you want to know the process:

  1. first they watched some rap from previous years.
  2. they split up in groups of 4 or 5.
  3. they choose a grammatical aspect.
  4. they became expert in this aspect and did the activities related to it.
  5. Then, they explain to their classmates their grammatical topic and ask them to do the activities. 
  1. While doing the activities they go through the groups helping them.
  1. when all the group finish their explanation, they start to write their poems. they could use the Google bar. What for? ask them to explain …
  1. finally they memorise the rap and dance it.

Here you have the rap they wrote:

And here you have some of them RAPPING IT!!