Big Challenge, best students, big prizes!

Last Tuesday, some pupils from Rocagrossa participated on the Big Challenge contest. The first contest online for Secondary Schools. The students need to know about vocabulary, grammar, history and culture. There are presents for all the participants and the bests ones can bring a price.
Rocagrossa journalists have interviewed some pupils from 4th of ESO to know their opinion about the Big Challenge.

The majority of the students participated because their teachers asked them to, but some others because they love English. Every person participating has very good marks. Everybody thinks it was very easy, but there were stupid questions. In general, the pupils said it was a good experience, and it was a good contest to know our level. People in 4th of ESO said their motivation was the presents: tablets, Bluetooth speakers, GO Pro… They want to participate every year in this contest.

We wish them the best!!!

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