Congratulations to multilingual students!


To be an multilingual student, you have to say a toungtwister in English, Catalan, Spanish and if you do French, in French. And speak to each teacher the lenguage that he/she teaches.
Doing this, you can hace 0,5 point extra in subjects. This term the… Llegeix més»

A talented student

Last Friday Wellyda Nascimento and Ambar Perez students of second of ESO, Journalism, interviewed Belen Valle. Last summer she won a scholarship to go to England because she had very good marks.

In this interview Belen tells us about her experience and advise us to study a lot to win scolarships. Thanks to her we are more inspire to study hard and to this way, we can win a scholarship and improve our English.

If you want to see the interview CLICK HERE!