Escape Room: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

On 31st October with the spooky atmosphere that surrounds Halloween, the 3rd and 4th ESO students successfully escaped from the library where they had been locked for 90 minutes. They worked in groups to solve the enigmas that they were confronted with and carried out activities that ranged from deciphering secret codes by using mirrors and cellophane to finding out secret messages written with invisible ink.


The escape room turned around Sweeney Todd ‘s story, the serial killer who used to live in Flee Street with Mrs Lovett, the woman who filled her delicious meat pies with the victims’ corpses. Before entering the room the students had already read about the play’s plot and characters and dealt with its vocabulary. They had also watched Tim Burton’s movie trailer and some couldn’t help delving into the actual movie before the escape room.

In the first part of the escape room the students had to work in groups and they fiercely competed to be the first to unlock the door. However, at the end, they had to co-operate and work together to achieve their common objective, which was to escape from the room.




Finally, all the groups could escape and received a diploma to certify it.

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