Els Planells’ video projects among the best in The Fonix

Students of Els Planells have participated in the 12th edition of The Fonix, Concurs interescolar d’anglès de Catalunya. The 3 videos presented have been ranked among the best, however,  they haven’t been selected as the 3 best in their categories and they won’t be able to take part in the final.

Berta Manchón, Clara Batalla and Laura Trepat of 1st of ESO have achieved the 7th position in their category where their video competed with 67 other projects. Laia Ros, Jana Regué and Maria Baró’s video was the 6th out of 81 in the 3rd of ESO category, and Núria Martí, Thais Ganyet and Ariadna Carbonell of 1st Batxillerat  were 8th in their category  in which 22 video projects were presented.

We congratulate them for their excellent results, which prove their high English level, and, above all, we congratulate them for their effort and willingness to participate in the school activities.

Where there is a will there is a way!


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