1st day of our trip to Thailand

First of all we met in la Plaça de l’Ajuntament, with our families. Afterwards, we went to Barcelona’s airport, once there, we did the check in and we said goodbye to the one’s staying in Catalonia. Then, we got on the plane route to Istanbul. We spent a few hours there, practising with the robot, and the most exhausting flight was waiting for us. After this long time, we arrived in Bangkok, we prepared all the documentation needed, and caught another flight, our last one, with Chiang Mai as a destination. Finally, this long trip ended up when we arrived at the hotel. The first impression of it wasn’t the best one, because the walls were full of different bugs, but once we arrived to our amazing rooms, our opinion changed drastically. We had dinner, we chat a bit, and the bed was waiting for us!

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