Theater for students from Batxillerat in Sales

On February, 17th, all the students from Batxillerat in Sales High School went to the gym to see a play in English. The play was entitled “What if” and it was about a girl (Katy) who had no idea about what she wanted to do in the future, and her three friends. (Ben and William–who were twin brothers- and Alex). The twins had clear ideas about their future but Katy was a bit lost. That is why some new characters appeared on stage to help her out. They were “ghosts” or “angels” that were in her mind and tried to show her which way to choose. Apart from this, Katy was in love with Alex, but he was very shy and they never went out together. These “angels” also helped Alex feel a bit more extroverted in order to chat up Katy. And…there were many more funny things but, we will keep the secret.

Students’ opinions:

– Personally, I think that it is a good experience for people who are studying English because it helps to practise our listening. Moreover, the actors were very skilled because their transmitted their roles well. (Raquel)

– The play was very, very funny and, in my opinion, we all enjoyed it. At the end of the play, the actors answered a round of questions and many students had a selfie with them (Rebeca)

– It was so interesting and funny. Some of our classmates took part in the play too! I think we all had a really good time (Andrea)

– I liked the play and the way they acted. I recommend you to go and see it with your friends, parents, children or partners. (Albert)

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