Drama activity

Our 6th grade students are preparing some theater plays for the English Day. They’re learning some reading and drama strategies. First, they read aloud to understand the story. Then, they infer or look up the difficult words in the dictionary. They highlight the expressions or words that require more intensity and practise the pronunciation of unknown words.  They also prepare the costumes and materials for the acting.

Building Footpaths. Projecte “Camins” in Psychomotricity class

In Psychomotricity class P3 students have built their own footpaths using diferent materials and objects: hoops, signals, blocks, strings… In groups they were following the tracks practising diferent movements: walking, hopping, imitating animals, swimming… always in time to the music!

Seguint amb el projecte d’aula “Camins”, a la classe de psicomotricitat els nens i nenes de P3 han construït els seus camins amb diferents materials i objectes: cercles, senyals, blocs, cordes… Per groups, han anat seguint els recorreguts amb diferents moviments: caminant, saltant, imitant animals, nedant…sempre al ritme de la música!

Final task of the project: Create a story with Scratch

As a final task of the project about “Healthy and unhelathy habits” the students will create a story with Scratch explaining some tips for a healthy life.



What is your sleep routine? Can we sort them in good/bad habits? Let’s work in group and make a poster with the most popular sleep routines.