Els alumnes de primer estem participant en un projecte eTwinning que es diu “Healthy mind into a healthy body”. En aquest projecte estem aprenent la importància dels aliments per créixer i mantenir-nos sans, sense oblidar-nos de la importancia de l’exercici físic.
Aquest projecte l’estem portant a terme amb Polònia, Grècia, Croàcia, Romania, Itàlia, Lituània.
Les activitats que s’estan fent són:
1. Let’s introduce ourselves
2. Logo competition
3. October 16th : World Food Day (on line event)
3.1 My favorite food/My favorite vegetable
4. Eating traditional dishes
5. Famous nutritional ambassadors of our country
5.1 Local food
6. Nutritional Pyramid
6.1 Let’s talk about nutrition
6.2 E-Twinning nutritional Pyramid (a collaborative activity)
6.3 Salad Day (on line event)
7. Special dishes for special occasions
8. Food games (In our class and interactive games)
9. Healthy body
9.1 Let’s train!!! (Physical activities with kids)
9.2 Healthy body in our country’s arts
10. Οral hygiene
11. April 7th:World Health Day
11.1 Let’s talk about health in general
11.2 Safety and First Aid
12. Educational visits during our program