Do all earthquakes have the same consequences? What are these consequences?

ESO 1st students from Science class have been working on this topic and have reach to a conclusion. This mini project consists on investigating if all earthquakes have the same effects. It includes information research, data organization, “hands on” work and team working skills.

Students were hooked because they were about to make mock ups of real earthquakes. As there are five multilevel groups in each class, they were given five different earthquakes of different magnitudes, years and places in the world.  The aim of the project was students to realise the impact of earthquakes on Earth.

First of all, they had to do some data research on the earthquake given. Since they are 1st ESO students they are provided with some specific questions to help them if necessary (where did the earthquake happen, when did it take place, what was its magnitude, what were the effects and the human fatalities, and any curiosity if considered interesting or necessary).

Secondly, they had to build the mock up. Three papercraft buildings templates were given and they had to build them and glue them on a cardboard to create the mock up.

Finally, each group has to create a mock-up of the consequences and effects of the chosen earthquake, and prepare an oral presentation to present their findings to their classmates.

It is not a great project but a learning experience and really meaningful for students.


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