The Catalan team is cheaking the seeds that growing. Because of the floods of last week, we lost some seeds. Now, it’s time to replant and keep using the vegetable garden.

The students of primary school are doing a great job with the garden.

Alumnes de Cicle Mitjà treballem a l’espai RODA de “natura i acció”.


Saturday 18th January.

The end of the first mobility of students. Aquest article està dedicat a totes les famílies d’acollida que durant una setmana van tenir un “fill” o una “filla” més a casa seva. Gràcies per la vostra generositat, per dedicar el vostre temps lliure portant-los amunt i avall, per modificar els vostres horaris, els vostres àpats…

Gràcies per viure l’experiència a tooopeee!


We spent some time by the sea un Barcelona. First we strolled down La Rambla to see La Boqueria market, the opera theatre of Liceu, the statue of Columbus… And in the evening: the Farewall Dinner with all the hosting families and all students involved in the project. A special evening to recive the certificates of attendance, to thank everyone and to say a warm goodbye.