Som Energia – We’re Brugulat

Today, most of 1st Batxillerat Students have enjoyed an interesting one-hour conference in English language about renewable energy. Mr Gijsbert Huijink, the founder of SOM ENERGIA, was here in our school dealing with several matters, such as its beginnings as a cooperative company, the meaning of becoming a member (getting certified 100% green energy), different types of renewable sources and some aspects related to our electric self-supply. He also reinforced the idea that right from the start, the renewable energies have been linked to a constant industrial development and that has helped to fair prices. The production costs of a kW/hour are lower than ever! Facing a bit non-interactive audience, Gijsbert insisted on whatever is essential for him: Let’s consume less as a society, let’s produce more energy at home (within our possibilities), if we still need electricity from the electrical grid, let’s make sure it has a green origin. Following his positive way of thinking, we can start the change now! We really appreciate his time and the useful information given to our students, and wish him the best of luck with his upcoming projects

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